October 20, 2022

Feature Management Console

  • Change Request ID More Accessible
  • Users can now access the change request ID directly from the change summary page. This will eliminate the need to copy the ID from a web browser address bar.

October 14, 2022

SDK Enhancements

  • Evaluate Without Sending Impressions
  • Split as added a new impression mode, NONE. Which can now enable all Split SDKS to send only unique keys per Split rather than sending all impression data. This will help decrease network traffic from your system to Split, ultimately leading to lower resource consumption.

October 5, 2022

Learning and Onboarding

  • Split Arcade
  • Split Arcade has added three new courses, Feature Delivery Foundations for Admins & Product Managers, Administering Split, and Data Flow & Integrations. These self-serve certification programs will help users level up their Split knowledge and admin capabilities through interactive tutorials, best practices, and knowledge checks along the way.

September 14, 2022

Feature Management Console

  • Rollout Boards Enhancement – Ready to Clean Up View
  • The Ready to clean up view will filter the Rollout Board to show splits that have been in their status, 100% released, Removed from code, Ramping, or Killed, for at least 100 days. This will allow users to identify feature flags that can be retired which will help make the code more robust and readable.