January 17, 2023

SDK Enhancements

  • User Consent Support for Mobile
  • Our iOS and Android SDKs now allow you to easily disable the tracking of events and impressions until user consent for tracking is explicitly granted or declined.

Learning and Onboarding

  • Split Arcade
  • Split Arcade, our self-serve customer education, and certification platform is now available to our Free (Developer) users! All customers can now gain a deeper understanding of how Split supports the simplest needs for even the most advanced use cases. Free users can now get Split Certified in “Level 1: Feature Flagging Foundations” by registering here.

December 22, 2022

Feature Management Console

  • Usability Updates on the Targeting Rules page
  • The usability updates on the Targeting Rules page include decluttering the tab, reducing confusion on default rule, and default targetting and starting the UI upgrade journey.

December 15, 2022


  • Split-ServiceNow Integrations
  • The Split-ServiceNow Integration Beta allows users to send change requests for feature flags and segments to ServiceNow DevOps and receive approvals back. This enables admins to leverage their customized change control process in ServiceNow without leaving the tool with which they’re familiar.  

December 12, 2022


  • Metric Card Update
  • The Metrics impact tab now has redesigned metric cards to highlight essential information and improve the clarity of experiment data. New visual cues and layout enable users to quickly understand results at a glance.