Release Notes

July 10, 2017

Web Console Enhancements

  • SAML
    Log in to Split using your corporate credentials with Split’s support for SAML(Security Assertion Markup Language).  Configuring SAML lets all of your teammates access Split using the credentials stored in your organization’s Active Directory, Okta, or another identity store that has been configured with a SAML Identity Provider. Documentation
  • Security Certifications Available
    Performed and past pen-test and OWASP10 analysis. Report available on request.
  • Other enhancements

SDK Enhancements

  • Split Synchronizer
    The Split Synchronizer coordinates the sending and receiving of data to a remote data store that all of your processes can share when updating definitions and rules for the evaluation of treatments. Documentation
  • Impression Listener
    Custom impressions listener available for .NET, Java and Ruby—see each language’s SDK documentation for more. Documentation

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Latest Releases

  • November 17th, 2020

    Management Console Admin Audit Logs Split now logs every time an admin creates, changes, or deletes objects such as users, settings, and integrations. Admins can access these logs to see every change that was made and who made them. Admin Audit Logs can be filtered by change type or object;…

  • October 30th, 2020

    Statistics Multiple Comparison Correction You can now apply a statistical correction to control the False Discovery Rate when making multiple comparisons in the same experiment. The significance threshold setting can be adjusted to higher or lower confidence. Using the default significance threshold of 5%, you can be confident that at…

  • September 8th, 2020

    Management Console Data export A new “Data Exports” tab is located within the Data Hub, where you will be able to create and download (CSV) exports for impressions and events for up to 90 days worth of data. Your organization can run 5 reports per day, and will also be…

  • August 18th, 2020

    Statistics Welch’s T-Test Statistical results in Split are now calculated using Welch’s T-Test. Unlike the more commonly used Student’s T-Test, Welch’s T-Test does not assume that the samples have equal variances. This makes the Welch approach more accurate in cases where there is both a difference between the variances of…

  • August 17th, 2020

    SDK Enhancements Filter splits You can now filter split definitions by name to specify which ones are downloaded to the SDK from a given environment. This is particularly helpful for client side SDKs because it allows you to only select the subset of splits that are used for a specific…