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Impact Snapshot

Impact snapshot provides users with an up-to-date, aggregated view of the expected impact over baseline for each treatment and an estimated range for that impact.

Deprecation of “Across” Metrics

The creation of new “across” metrics has been deprecated. This deprecation will not impact any usage of the current “across” metrics. Users can still access the same information while using “across” metrics by using “per traffic type” metrics and clicking into the metric cards.

Management Console

Workspace View Permissions

Admins can now control which users, groups, and Admin API keys can see if a certain Workspace exists and access the objects within it (splits, segments, metrics, traffic types, and environments). Use in order to keep sensitive projects private and to minimize cognitive load on users by reducing Workspaces visible to them. Visit the documentation to learn more.

REST API Enhancements

Workspace Management API

Several new additions and enhancements to Split’s Admin API are now live. These include:

New endpoints:

  • Create, update, and delete Workspaces
  • Create, read, and update Workspace View Permissions
  • Create and delete Traffic Type via Admin API

Enhancements to existing endpoints:

  • List Workspaces by name
  • Return API keys when creating new Environments
  • Create and update Environment Permissions

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