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Angular Library

Split’s Angular Library provides robust and scalable feature flag management. This gives any team the power to safely launch features and target them to users.

Why use the Angular Library?

Split’s Angular Library brings feature flags to any app, website or experience built with Angular. Split helps control rollouts, and customer experiences, while gathering data and insight on how people are engaging with their products.

Front-end teams are always experimenting with new things, trying to make the website, the app, or the business more successful. But each new experiment or quickly-turned-around feature introduces risk. Response times may be will be slower. This change in the funnel might add friction that your users may not like. Split’s Angular Library puts all of these issues under your control, by letting you:

  • Release features to production but disabling for all users by default
  • Target new features only to internal QA teams
  • Slowly roll out features to a broader audience by percentage, demographic, geography, account type, or any other metric
  • Kill features with a single click to revert back to your safe state

Split offers feature flags in Angular, and lets developers, PMs and support teams control feature rollout from one unified view—and monitor the success of any new code. Our integrations bring rollout updates into the tools your team is already using, further opening the feature-delivery process up to your entire organization.

Using Split’s Feature Flags with the Angular Library

The Angular Library is built on top of our Browser SDK to ease the integration and usage on Angular applications. The Angular Library provides:

  • An Angular service, offering the same functionality as any other Split SDK through an API. Just inject the service into any component and start evaluating flags and tracking events! 
  • A route guard to condition navigations on the availability of feature flags data.
  • And more coming soon!

Getting Started with Split for Angular

All of Split’s SDKs are very simple to integrate into your code base; that’s no different in Angular. All it really takes to get rolling with Split and feature flag implementation is initiating the SDK, then splitting your code.

View the documentation and start building today.

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