Build Custom Split Integrations Using Webhooks

Webhooks allow you to create or configure custom integrations which subscribe to certain events in Split. When one of these events is triggered, we’ll send an HTTP POST payload to the webhook’s configured URL. Use webhooks to send Split events and data into the tools and systems your team is already using.

What can I do with Split’s Webhooks?

Here’s a few of the things you can do with Split webhooks.

  • Add feature flag data to user analytics. Impressions in Split capture a unique UID that you configure. If you share UIDs across analytics, you can easily correlate a user’s feature-experience with their other activity.
  • Enrich application performance monitoring tools. Split supports a number of performance tools through pre-built and fully managed integrations. Use webhooks to bring an additional layer of insight into your dashboards by overlaying Split’s rollout changes, correlating when a code change or feature rollout aligns with a shift in performance or other key metrics.
  • Update external issue trackers and support tickets. Keep your entire team informed as new features go live or rollout plans are changed.

Enable Split Webhooks Today

Setting up a webhook in Split is easy: select the environment where data should be sent from and paste in the URL where the POST should be sent to.

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Split builds on feature flags to create a platform for feature experimentation, so any team can securely release new features, target them to customers, and measure the impact of features on their customer experience metrics.

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