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About Sentry

Sentry is an application monitoring platform that helps you identify issues in real-time. It allows you to easily centralize all your exceptions and error tracking across your stack. 

Sentry and Split

By tracking exceptions via Sentry’s API and libraries, you can leverage their grouping algorithms to review exceptions that are similar to each other in one place.

Sentry also offers support for most platforms, including JavaScript, Node.js, PHP, .NET, Go, Python, and more. Use this integration to send exceptions from your projects to the Split platform.

What can I do with the Split + Sentry integration?

Here are a few of the things you can do with Sentry and Split.

  • See Sentry exception data in Split. When configured, Split will quickly process and display Sentry exception data in the Split platform for analysis. You can control what environments and traffic types you capture exceptions for in the Split dashboard without any code.
  • Tie error data to features. Split will compare the features each user is exposed to with the errors each user hits to determine which feature in your release is good, and which is rotten.

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