Integrate Quantum Metric with Split

Quantum Metric is a customer-centric Continuous Product Design platform, providing real-time digital insight on the user journey. Our integration lets you bring Split’s impression data into Quantum Metric, enabling teams to further analyze the feature-level impact on the user journey. 

Bridge the gap between feature delivery and customer analytics

Here are a few things you can do with Split and Quantum Metric: 

  • Enhance your customer journey with real-time analysis. Identify all recorded sessions where users saw different flag treatments for playback and analysis. Compare outcomes across flag treatments to determine what actions users took, which feature flag treatments they were interacting with, and why certain metrics changed as a result. 
  • Boost your application performance. Bring an additional layer of data by aligning code changes or feature rollouts directly with business impacts. Quickly identify and turn features on or off based on performance. 
  • Guide your Product Roadmap with Customer Insights. Combine feature flag and user data to determine where your new feature can improve key metrics or what you should build next to deliver impactful experiences. 

Integrate with Quantum Metric and Split Today! 

Start sending Split impression data to Quantum Metric. 

This is a third-party integration that has been tested by Split. Split does not own or maintain this integration.