Integrate Split with Papertrail

Papertrail provides cloud-hosted log management solutions. Integrate Papertrail with Split data to get rollout and rollback events in Papertrail. These events can be overlayed with any other log data to quickly detect and correlate application issues with Split changes. Our integration lets you bring Split’s audit log data (metadata including environment, split name, definition, the Split user who initiated the change, and a link back to the Split interface) into Papertrail to complement the information you’re already collecting from across your application.

What can I do with the Papertrail integration?

Here are a few of the things you can do with Papertrail and Split.

  • Exception tracking. Integrating Split with Papertrail places Split audit logs alongside your application logs. With unified logs, you can correlate spikes in exceptions with the rollout of a feature, saving you time in understanding the root cause of a problem.
  • Monitoring. Papertrail lets you monitor performance metrics over time through dashboards. Overlaying dashboards with data from Split can help you understand how feature rollouts impact site performance and other key metrics.

Integrate Papertrail with Split Today

Creating a connection between Papertrail and Split is easy: copy the log destination in Papertrail and paste into Split to complete the connection.