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Integrate Split with Hipchat

With our Hipchat integration, it is easy to communicate with your team and keep your colleagues up-to-date on changes in Split. By combining Split’s feature roll-out capabilities with Hipchat, you can keep your team notified and up-to-date as new features are enabled, which feature roll-outs are modified and by which of your teammates.

What can I do with the Split Hipchat integration?

Here are some of the things you can do with Hipchat and Split.

  • Get chat alerts for Split changes. Broadcast Split changes and important roll-out information to the entire team. With the Split Hipchat integration, everyone can see when new features go live or rollout plans are changed.

Integrating Hipchat and Split

Creating a connection between Hipchat and Split is easy: create a new API token, select the Hipchat room where notifications should be posted, and paste it into Split. You’ll have new notifications flowing in no time.

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