Integrate Bugsnag with Split 

Bugsnag, a Smartbear company, is a full-stack application stability monitoring solution, enabling teams to make data-driven decisions about new feature rollouts. The Split-Bugsnag integration empowers customers to identify which feature flags or experiment treatments are impacting the user experience within an application in real-time.

What can I do with Bugsnag’s integration with Split? 

Here are a few things you can do with Bugsnag and Split: 

  • Correlate user impact with feature releases. Once you configure Split’s SDK with Bugsnag, you can set up alerts to monitor how your feature flags and experiments are influencing user behavior in your application, so you can decide whether to roll out or rollback features. 
  • Gain actionable insights. Use Bugsnag’s Feature Dashboard to determine if unusual error activity in the application is connected to a feature flag or isolate errors that occurred when a feature flag was enabled. You can then take that information back to Split and troubleshoot faster.
  • Power Experiments. Stream Bugnag errors back to Split as events. These events can then be used in metrics or experiments to further optimize the user experience.

Integrate Bugsnag and Split Today! 

Connecting your Split feature flags and experiments to Bugsnag is easy. Split SDKs support listeners so you can automatically declare the flags and their treatments to Bugsnag whenever they are queried within your app.

This is a third-party integration that has been tested by Split. Split does not own or maintain this integration.