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Feature flags

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Discover a better way to deliver software updates. Deploy faster, iterate more frequently, and make each release more innovative than the last.

With Split, you can launch new features whenever you want. But make it live to users when you’re absolutely sure that it’s ready.

Utilize a modern software delivery process

Release Confidently

Empower developers to release new features without fear. Rollout updates with minimal risk.

Release to a subset of users to gather feedback and refine your features.

Rollback Reliably

If you see an error in production after rollout, easily perform an automated rollback.

Release alert notification
An alert notification caused by a feature rollout and a kill switch to turn off the feature.

Experiment Often

Measure how metrics impact your experiments and stop bad experiments early on.

Positive experiment result
Try a new approach to experimentation and test instead of guess.
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Why use Split?

Top brands around the world use Split as their software delivery platform to experiment, A/B test, and release new features and products. Streamline your DevOps process with Split tools trusted by the best developers in the industry.

Feature Flags

Deploy features to subsets of your users through advanced targeting capabilities.

Results Engine

Experiment with Ease

Conduct experiments to understand the impact a new feature will have before rolling it out.

Management Console

Continuous Delivery / Integration

Deploy version isolated builds on-demand with no downtime and minimal stress.

Split reviews sourced by G2

Using Split enabled us to create the experiment-driven culture we wanted.

Patti Chan, VP Product – Imperfect Foods

If you’re not using feature flags, you’re just being dangerous.

Mike Sherov, Principal Engineer – Skill Share

Split puts us one step closer to continuous deployment, which is our ultimate goal.

Sergio Gutierrez, Backend Team Lead – Galileo

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