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Experiment-Led Agile Product Management with Pendo and Split

The way that software products are purchased and adopted has changed radically, and the way that product teams work must change to keep pace. Product teams can no longer count shipped product as a success metric and instead must focus on value delivered. In the SaaS economy, products that can’t deliver both rapid and ongoing user value are quickly replaced.

Maximizing value delivery requires quick iterations, tests, and lots of customer feedback. New, emerging tools are enabling product teams to become more agile and experiment-driven. Together Pendo and Split allow product teams to rapidly stand up experiments, measure results, and leverage customer feedback for more effective product trials, smooth feature rollouts, and continuous product improvement.

Trial Experience

Trial or freemium experiences are the lifeblood of many SaaS companies. These experiences must educate users, demonstrate value, and drive them to convert to paying customers. Even a minor boost in trial conversion rates can have a significant revenue impact. Together Pendo and Split help companies optimize trial experiences by:

  • Testing different onboarding flows to see which are most effective
  • Selectively enabling freemium features to find the right mix that drives upgrade
  • Understanding which trial behaviors and features lead to the highest conversion rates
  • Adding step-by-step walkthroughs to the trial experience for faster time to value

Feature Rollout & Adoption

Nobody wants to build features that aren’t used. Successful features usually require several iterations to get it right, and customers need awareness and education to fully adopt any new change. Pendo and Split help companies drive feature adoption by:

  • Rolling out feature iterations to specific customer segments for testing and feedback
  • Collecting feedback in-app from feature ‘trialers’ and beta testers.
  • Announcing features in-app to increase awareness of new updates after successful experiment.
  • Measuring user engagement and adoption of new features for different user segments.

Continuous Product Improvement

Product creation today is a continuous process built around data, feedback, iteration, and experimentation. Ideas are tested quickly, measured, and refined as product teams look to increase the user value they deliver. Pendo and Split help product teams accelerate this process by:

  • Decreasing time to production
  • Increasing deployment frequency
  • Reducing time to production and development efficiency
  • Providing code-free visibility into detailed product usage
  • Delivering ongoing, contextual user guidance and training in-app