Split Software Data Sub-processors

Last Revised: March 19, 2020 (View current)

Third Party Service/Vendor Purpose Location of Subprocessor Website
Ably Real-time Ltd. Push Infrastructure United Kingdom https://www.ably.io
Amazon Web Services, Inc. Data Hosting USA https://aws.amazon.com
Databricks, Inc. Statistical Calculations USA https://www.databricks.com
Datadog, Inc. Monitoring and Alerting USA https://www.datadoghq.com
Fastly, Inc. Content Delivery Network USA https://www.fastly.com
Mode Analytics, Inc. Business Intelligence USA https://www.modeanalytics.com
MongoDB, Inc. Data Hosting USA https://www.mongodb.com
Pendo.io, Inc Net Promoter Score USA https://www.pendo.io
Segment.io, Inc. Analytics USA https://www.segment.com
SendGrid, Inc. Email Service Provider USA https://www.sendgrid.com
Snowflake, Inc. Analytics USA https://www.snowflake.com
Sumo Logic, Inc. SIEM/Logging USA https://www.sumologic.com