Build better software with data

Feature flags + your data = Impact-driven development.

Release successful features every time

Roll out as you’re ready

Speed up code deployment with feature flags, gradually roll out to users, and keep your releases manageable.


Release with less risk

Detect performance degradation of any feature change, limit the blast radius, and reduce time to resolve to minutes.


Create customer impact

Turn more of your ideas into successful features, based on measurable impact from statistically rigorous A/B tests.


Deliver features swiftly, safely, and successfully

Architected for security

Split is built on a highly scalable, resilient architecture that prioritizes data privacy. With Split, our SDKs do the heavy lifting so that sensitive user data stays within your app and your latest rollout policies are resilient to any interruption of service. Access control means development teams don’t have to worry about someone making a change they shouldn’t and audit logs ensure compliance.

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Centralize feature flag management with Split

Safer releases with monitoring

Tie each feature flag to your engineering KPIs, ensuring that a release doesn’t degrade system performance or user experience. Split ingests real user monitoring and error tracking data, performs near real-time statistical analysis, and detects release issues within minutes - before you roll out to a wider set of users.

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Track product metrics with Split feature flags

Rigorous, data-driven experiments

Extend feature flags to learn from every idea you develop. Don’t just correlate data; determine the statistically significant cause across dozens or hundreds of concurrent experiments. Split offers a full-stack experimentation platform that ingests business and product analytics data to determine the impact of every feature.

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Rigorous, data-driven experiments

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