Getting to know your feature flags

Achieve your continuous zero downtime deployment dreams. Find out if feature flag implementation is right for you.

Release management at its finest

Feature flag tracking

Feature toggles are a part of any modern development workflow and can be used in various DevOps scenarios.

Quality control compliance

Leverage automated testing tools as part of the QA process to identify potential regressions when releasing new features.

Management Console

Production environment testing

Test your code for all possible treatments values returned from SDK’s while keeping your code integrated to the SDK.

Version control

Feature validation and rollout

Product experimentation is the most effective way to determine what works best for end-users. It’s mission-critical to implement A/B testing correctly to ensure your results are accurate. We know that experimentation powers innovation and can drive profound business impact.

Experimentation best practices

Multi-variant testing is an efficient way to try out a hypothesis that may have many possible solutions. Add multiple treatments to your experiment, automatically calculating the statistics and presenting you with results.

Improve user experience

With continuous delivery practices often comes an acceleration of the feature release cadence. Feature flags help you scale and manage your feature lifecycle by separating feature release from code deployment. Start analyzing behavior and performance data whether it’s a canary release or a blue/green deployment.