Split Announces Feature Flagging Free-for-All

Company provides free access to feature flags to shorten product development cycles, enable continuous deployment, and provide greater business agility

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. — To help organizations of any size, maturity or budget shorten product development cycles and deliver new functionality to customers with less risk, Split announced today that its feature flag solution is available for free to the market. By making its industry leading technology widely available in Split’s Feature Flag Edition at no cost to product and development teams, enterprises can respond faster to changing market conditions and shift toward a continuous deployment model for greater business value.

“We have identified almost 40 open source feature flagging libraries in the market, but they lack comprehensive feature sets and are not well-maintained,” said Trevor Stuart, co-founder and president at Split. “We’re excited to introduce the first managed feature flag service for free, allowing development teams to take advantage of our industry leading feature flagging technology, and focus on innovation, while eliminating the need to build solutions in-house.”

The Split Feature Flag Edition introduces the most comprehensive entry point to feature flagging in the industry. Companies can now have access to a free feature flagging solution, which offers product and engineering teams dramatic strategic benefits including faster time to market, quicker rate of error correction, more frequent experiments and maximized engineering productivity.

“We help customers automatically maintain and exchange proof of compliance data, and we work hard to continually improve their experience,” said Mark Hamm, co-founder and CEO at Proofport. “Using the Split Feature Flag Edition, we can maintain a rapid release cadence by safely phasing-in new functionality as soon as it is available. Split gives our development team confidence that with just one click, we can turn off problematic features.”

Feature flags help teams move faster, with confidence, when deploying code and offer a number of benefits for development and product teams, including:

  • Quicker deployments: Continuous integration of smaller features into the main software offering increases development speed. A faster feedback loop means engineers spend less time debugging and more time building features. Split feature flags safely hide engineering work-in-progress until ready to release.
  • Safety net for application rollouts: A phased application update, or rollout plan, provides a safety net when deploying new features. Phased application rollouts help teams assess application health as new functionality is added, gradually increasing user exposure as confidence in the feature’s stability and functionality grows. Feature flags offer engineers peace of mind that one click turns off problematic features.

Often, development teams will use feature flag solutions that have been cobbled together in-house. However, these generally fall short of expectations because they are difficult to maintain and scale. Split is changing this by providing teams with access to a solution that allows them to move away from homegrown systems and separate code deployment from feature releases. As a key component of Split’s product decisions platform, feature flags – the first step to reaching insight driven product development – are a best practice for all teams to release faster and with less risk.

The Split Feature Flag Edition is meant for use by up to five users within an organization with unlimited feature flagging and unlimited usage. The offering also includes user segmentation capabilities to provide comprehensive control of any new feature rollout strategy for both front and backend systems in the application stack. Customers can easily upgrade within the application to access capabilities such as integrations, access and permissions, team collaboration, and full stack experimentation.

For more information and to sign up for Split Feature Flag Edition, visit www.split.io/signup.

About Split

Split is the leading product decisions platform for engineering and product teams who want to rapidly – and safely – deliver valuable software to customers. Unlike systems that are homegrown, point solutions, or those not built for engineering and product teams, only Split provides a unified feature flag and experimentation solution that is trusted by engineers and built for teams of any size to make data-driven decisions. Split ingests large volumes of data and performs near real-time statistical analysis to look for the impact of every feature release on metrics that matter to you. Engineering and product teams at Twilio, Salesforce, and WePay trust Split with their feature management and decisions. To learn more about Split, contact hello@split.io, or get started for free at www.split.io/signup.