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Canary Release

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To Canary Release, or Not To Canary Release?

With feature flags, you can control the percentage allocation of users you want to be exposed to a specific feature. This process provides risk mitigation and confirms both usability and scalability. Canary releases, or controlled rollouts, serve as an added layer of protection in case something goes wrong.  What is…

Talia Nassi
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Did Feature Flags Kill the Canary?

The increased usage of feature flags and canary releases (also “canary deployments”) in software development has had a tremendous impact on the overall release process for software companies globally. These canaries and feature flags allow you to test your features in production , convert your monolith to microservices, perform A/B…

Talia Nassi
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Four Shades of Progressive Delivery

Last week we walked The Path To Progressive Delivery. This week, we go deeper. What goals can we meet with the Four Shades of Progressive Delivery? After you read or watch this week’s episode, you will be better equipped to choose a Progressive Delivery approach that works for you. My…

Dave Karow

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