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Respond quickly to degradations in metrics with alert policies

At Split we believe in the power of metrics, and are always striving to improve the ways we help our users make more data-driven product decisions. In this previous post we talked about the importance of understanding the impact of a new feature release via key and guardrail metrics. With…

Sophie Harpur, Team Split
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Release Safer with Feature Monitoring

Find faulty features before your customers do. One of the most common reasons that our customers move  towards feature flags is risk mitigation: the need to make sure releases don’t cause errors for users. Given how frequently organizations are now deploying features, the ability to limit the blast radius of…

Team Split
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Industry Trends

Alerting is for Humans

Last week, we hosted Grier Johnson, a Platform Engineer at Square and formerly LinkedIn and Yahoo!, for a Tech Talk on Metrics and Monitoring Infrastructure. Grier brings a lot of experience and care to this topic. I will highlight a key theme in his talk that is applicable to every…

Adil Aijaz

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