False Negative

A false negative result would indicate that “the change being tested has not improved the key metric significantly when in fact, the change generally has a positive impact on the underlying behavior.”

Feature Flags

A feature flag, or feature toggle, is a software development tool used to safely activate or deactivate features for testing in production, gradual release, experimentation, and operations. 

Feature Flags Framework

The feature flags framework is a revolutionary method of software development that allows individual features of a software product to be individually enabled or disabled. Feature flags allow features to be centrally managed from outside of the application, meaning they can even be turned on and off after they’ve already been rolled out to end users.

Feature Flags in DevOps

DevOps is a software development philosophy that combines the Agile development approach focusing on rapid delivery with a collaborative effort between the development and operations staff. This collaboration is key to creating a more efficient and adaptive product lifecycle, and formalizes the increased role that operations teams play in the service-focused landscape of today.

Feature Toggles

Feature toggles, also known as feature flags, are components of software development that allow specific features of an application to be activated or deactivated at will. This allows developers to safely “toggle” new features on or off for testing. Feature toggles have many uses beyond just testing, such as the targeted release of new features, experimentation, operations, or activation of premium features.