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Purpose, Values, and Transparency with Kristin Vines, Split’s New VP People

Most people leaders spend a large amount of their time thinking about company culture; specifically how they can create opportunities, build culture, support culture, and ultimately keep employees engaged. Engagement and culture are foundational to company success, and they play a significant role in an employee’s decision to join or leave a company.

Culture is critical to every company because it defines your identity and creates happy and productive employees.

I recently went through the process of deciding to leave a company and join a new one. As an people leader, finding a company that was a culture match for me was obviously at the top of my list. I found that at Split. The excitement and energy I felt from the moment I started speaking to this team led me to the role I am in today. I now have the opportunity to build on what is already a solid foundation, help to create an engaging culture, and share with the world the opportunity we have ahead of us.

So, what made Split’s culture stand out to me? As I get up to speed as Split’s new VP People, I want to share key components that I observed contributing to the culture at Split throughout my hiring process, and also why I decided Split was the right fit for me.


Salesforce’s Marc Benioff once said, “To be truly successful, companies need to have a corporate mission that is bigger than making a profit,” and I couldn’t agree more.

Leading a company with purpose and creating inspiration for employees can only lead to a great outcome! This was a key factor in my decision to join Split. I saw clear vision and purpose in the leaders I met and am now working with. This team wholeheartedly believes that software has immense power to change the world. Split was founded on the idea that the best software is created by directly engaging customers in the development process and that the best engineering teams use data from customers’ own experiences to reveal which ideas create the most impact. Our purpose is to power engineering teams to build impactful products.

I couldn’t be more excited to share this purpose with new Splitters, and help Split change the way software is delivered.

Values and Behaviors

Every company creates values and often hangs them on the wall, places them on their website and publishes them in their employee manual. Many companies never really do much more than this. The key to creating successful values is to identify behaviors that support them, ensure those behaviors are repeatable, and that employees feel that they can live and breathe them. If these values are truly what the company stands for, this work should almost do itself.

Split’s values were written with behaviors in mind:

Every Customer

We invest in strong relationships and care deeply for our community.

Every Voice

We respect one another, remain humble, and take blame while giving credit away.

Every Detail

We’re passionate about producing the highest quality work.

Every Day

We act with urgency and celebrate every win, big or small.

These values are inclusive of everyone around us including our employees and customers. I look forward to bringing the values to life for every employee and potential employee in every interaction we have, and focusing on inclusivity each and every day.


I’ve learned over the years that transparency with clarity is critical to the success of any start up. Ensuring that employees have all the information they need to do their job as well as understanding what they’re working towards is a key component to creating employee engagement. Employees value this and it is often a deciding factor whether they stay or depart at company. This means we should be communicating frequently and clearly at all levels of the company. Split embodies this and is always striving to be better.

My journey at Split has just begun. I look forward to all that is ahead of us and helping employees grow their careers with us. If a company has a culture that embraces these things, it will no doubt have an engaged team that will grow together! Our employee base has grown by 60% in the last eight months. You can learn more about open positions on our Careers page.

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