“Journey’s to Best Practices”


As a Customer Success leader, one of the most important aspects of my job is listening. My goal is to find ways to make it easy for customers to engage with me and my team to give us feedback. Listening allows me to see the full scope of what the broader needs are across the market and find creative ways to help tackle shared challenges. Working with our customers to prepare for Flagship 2022, our virtual conference held this March, I had the unique opportunity to dive into the experiences of so many digital leaders, which was the culmination of our conversations over the last year. In doing so, I was able to confirm several new trends- and shared needs -we had noticed emerge from our engagements across our enterprise customers this year.

If you were able to join Flagship 2022, you would have heard success stories across our customer base and, also, a common theme. A notable link that tied the speaker sessions together was a shared acknowledgment that there is more that goes into driving change or creating a data-driven culture than just access to one technology. There has to be a greater system in place for change management.

We know our customers are looking for guidance here because change is hard and changing the way your teams think is even harder. We hear you loud and clear. Enterprises everywhere are looking to transform teams around modern application development, feature delivery, and feature experimentation. They want to accelerate feature release cadence, without introducing more risk, and they want to create a culture of experimentation. So, we wanted to address this common challenge with an announcement on how we can help!

At Flagship 2022, Brian Bell, Split CEO, announced in his opening keynote a new customer success-driven initiative called, “Journeys to Best Practice.” This is a two-pronged enablement program based on a simple concept: technology without guidance for people and processes is no longer enough.

We believe there is a maturity curve across every organization. From establishing faster, safer releases, to continuous delivery and advanced experimentation practice, every customer has a starting place along the journey to the “next best” state. We want to be your partner and guide to enable all teams, regardless of their starting place, to do their jobs better and faster.

“Journeys to Best Practice” is our commitment to providing customers this scalable, industry-leading support. Designed to help reinforce cultural change, we aim to meet the unique needs of every customer and user, including programs that can be tailored to your needs and expectations — from one-to-one expert advice to easy self-service offerings.

“The Split customer success team has been an excellent resource and partner in helping us create a holistic training and onboarding approach,” notes Nate Heinrich, Principal Product Manager at New Relic. “By tailoring support to our needs, Split enabled us to successfully onboard our teams at scale. Investments to standardize this type of framework for all Split customers will likely go a long way.”

Our new “Journeys to Best Practice” approach will include two arms, which we’ll be rolling out in iterative phases:

  1. Split Academy, an on-demand learning and enrichment portal
  2. Custom advisory and consultancy services for one-to-one personalized support

Created to meet the needs of enterprise organizations, our new custom advisory and consultancy services, and Split Academy, our new online portal, combine to create a truly industry-changing, holistic support and guidance program to help all customers better inform their processes and empower their people.

Phase 1: Split Academy’s Split Arcade

As we continue to discover and iterate on our Journeys to Best Practice initiative, one of the first launches customers can expect to have access to is Split Academy’s self-service interactive learning management system (LMS), called Split Arcade.

Split Arcade is a nostalgic throwback-themed, gamified experience that provides teams with interactive certification journeys plus DevOps onboarding and enablement for any scale. The program starts with a persona-based maturity assessment to automatically enroll each user at the right starting place. Using Split Arcade, users are then taken on a journey through technical training, interactive product tutorials, and guidance from leading industry experts. With challenges and knowledge checks along the way, users complete step-level certification programs, with LinkedIn badges to validate expertise in core competencies. The unique leveling system is designed specially to help users build knowledge and fill gaps along the way, enabling users to unlock more and more value from Split.

This offers your team members an opportunity to get certified in important topics like Feature Flagging Foundations, Advanced Experimentation, and Building a Culture of Agile Transformation. Each track is built to meet the particular needs of different teams, which is why we tailored our certifications for specific roles, like Engineer, Data Scientist, Administrator, Product Manager or Tech Leader.

Using Split Arcade, teams can also practice developing their skill set without the anxiety of manipulating a shared company environment. This is a major safety and security advantage over testing and learning in your live app!

With onboarding that scales to any team, in any time zone, leaders can easily create standardization and best-in-class practices company-wide. No more scheduling nightmares or weeks of delays to accommodate vacation schedules! For a first look, watch our on-demand session at Flagship 2022, hosted by Danielle Glass, Split’s Manager of Product Success.

Looking into 2022 and beyond, we are so excited to bring all these new services and offerings to you, our customers. My first year at Split has really flown by! I am incredibly proud of what we have accomplished in this time, but I am even more excited by the opportunity that exists in front of us.

If you would like to learn more about anything you’ve read here or want to find out how Split can best empower your team, please reach out to us at hello@split.io! We would love to hear from you.

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