Introducing Split’s Feature Flag Edition—the Free Feature Flagging Solution for Development Teams

Company By: Trevor Stuart 2 min read
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Today, we’re excited to announce Split’s free Feature Flag Edition. This new offering allows product and engineering teams to integrate enterprise-grade feature flagging technology into their development cycle at zero cost.

Feature flags separate code deploy from feature release, safely executing continuous deployment at scale. As a result, feature flags have become a best practice of modern development teams looking to respond faster to changing market conditions and shift toward a Continuous Delivery model. In the last few years, feature flags have moved from a tactic of the few to the norm adopted by the many. Additionally, feature flags create a foundation for online experimentation by tying measurement to flags.

With this focus on feature flags, we’ve seen a few consistent trends – open source libraries are never feature-complete, and home-grown solutions require continued investments and inevitably become abandoned and a debt-laden technology. We started Split to combat these trends, making a technology that would allow customers to gradually and safely release new features (through feature flags) and provide data-driven product decisions (through experimentation). Feature flags are a foundational technology of the Split Platform Edition.

The Feature Flag Edition delivers on one of our earliest goals – provide a free feature flagging solution allowing teams to focus not on building a flagging framework, but on building their features and their business.

With the Feature Flag Edition, we’re making the feature flagging capabilities of our commercial product available for every team to use free of charge. Using the Split Feature Flag Edition, product and engineering teams can:

  • Manage an unlimited number of feature flags in the Split console
  • Create an unlimited number of customer segments to use in feature flag targeting
  • Take advantage of Split’s SDKs across all languages including mobile, browser, and server-side with an unlimited number of monthly active users

Split’s Feature Flag Edition lets development teams deploy feature flags into their application and development cycle within minutes by integrating one of Split’s ten SDKs and simply using an if-else-if block in their application. Split’s management console in the cloud decouples the dependency on engineers, allowing both engineering and product teams to manage their feature flags through one centralized application and control each feature flag with granular targeting.  Utilize Split feature flags with multiple treatments (beyond simple on | off) to target customers and segment directly, target customers based on attributes, target based on feature flag dependencies, or leverage Split’s kill switch to lower the bar for production readiness and de-risk any feature release.

Whether you are looking to use feature flags for phased rollouts or general feature management, you can now do so free of charge with Split’s Feature Flag Edition. Create your account at and launch safely for free!