Enhancements to Team Workflows in Split

At Split, we’ve built a feature flagging and experimentation platform that scales based on the needs of your growing, cross-functional teams.

A single feature may span multiple microservices, languages, or databases but is usually owned by a single team. This is why we at Split place special emphasis on modeling teams as well as ownership and permissioning of resources by teams aka User Groups within our platform.

We recently released a new enhancement, making it easier for our users to invite their teammates to Split’s platform and assign them to specific user groups – all in one single step.

This new workflow makes it easy to add more teammates to Split and to get them set up in user groups. You can now use the full power of user groups in enforcing role based access control and creating personalized dashboards for members of each user group. This ensures that you can use Split as an operating environment for the entire company to collaborate on feature flags and experimentation.

Here is how it works

Initiate the invite flow by clicking on the paper airplane invite icon:

Screenshot highlighting the invitation icon within the Split product.

You can invite one teammate at a time and add them to multiple user groups:

Screenshot of the Invite Users screen within the Split product.

Or you can bulk invite your teammates to the same set of user groups by clicking on ‘add many at once:

Screenshot of users being invited into the Split product.

By following these three simple steps, you can send out invites to your teammates and ensure that they are added to the right user groups when they accept the invite. This removes the need to assign teammates to user groups after they have accepted the invite.

Once user groups are populated, you can use the groups in your permission flow. For instance, we can give write access to the Reporting Team as well as the QA Team members to a Split by simply clicking the pencil icon next to the Permissions section:

Screenshot highlighting user groups within the Split product.

We will continue enhancing Split’s ability to support workflows needed by teams of all sizes. If you have a feature request, do drop us a line at hello@split.io