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Feature Experimentation: Choosing the Best Route

David Martin, Senior Solution Engineer at Split, gives a demonstration of Split’s feature experimentation capabilities with a real-world example. Imagine you’re a trip planner who takes customers through Tour Mont Blanc, and you want to optimize your customer’s experiences. Where do you start? By observing your customer’s reactions to the changes you’re testing to see which one fares better in the end. 4 min read

David Martin
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Latest Split Enhancements: June 2018

Here at Split, we are devoted to the continuous improvement of our user experience. Split’s customer success team has been busy gathering feedback and our engineers have been running experiments to hone in on some important enhancements. 2 min read

Lenore Adam
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Staring at the Stars!

One of the best things about building product at Split is getting to use our experimentation and analytics capabilities to understand how our customers are both discovering new functionality and engaging with the product. In this blog post, we walk through how we used Split to add Starring capabilities to our own product. 2 min read

Trevor Stuart
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How Split Enables Feature Experimentation

Feature flags are just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to adopting a data-driven feature release strategy. By running controlled experiments, your team can make informed decisions before rolling the feature out to the rest of your userbase. 3 min read

Jake Bellacera
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Split Releases Native Mobile SDKs for iOS and Android

Starting today, you can use Split Feature Flags and Feature Experimentation to drive a consistent experience across devices when developing mobile applications. Read on to learn about the challenges that were unique to developing a mobile SDK and how we ultimately addressed them. 5 min read

Fernando Martin, Trevor Stuart
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Editing Splits is Now Faster Than Ever

Our product and engineering teams recently did a deep dive with our customers to understand how they used the current Split editor. We discovered several ways that the editor could be improved to save customers time and make it easier to use. Here’s a list of improvements we made to the Split editor. 2 min read

Ed Sawma
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Split for Go

We’re happy to announce that Split customers can now use us with Go projects! Split lets you see the impact of any feature release on all your key product usage and customer experience metrics. Now, if you have a project where one component is Java, for example, and another component is written in Go (a.k.a. Golang), you can now use Split across the entire project. 4 min read

Martin Redolatti, Sebastian Arrubia
Thumbnail for Power Feature Flags In The Tools You Use Today

Power Feature Flags In The Tools You Use Today

Today, we are happy to announce that the Split API now spans the full surface area of Split product functionality, including full management of feature flags (i.e. “Splits”). Via the Split API, you can now write code to programmatically create, modify, kill, or delete a Split. Or, go even deeper,… 4 min read

Pato Echague
Thumbnail for Slack Integration Enhancements to Split

Slack Integration Enhancements to Split

Building products and creating new features are a team sport. Split promotes collaboration through a wide set of integrations. With corporate chat rooms becoming a mainstay in more and more organizations, integrating with industry leading collaboration tools like Hipchat and Slack was a no brainer for us. We released the Split… 1 min read

Pato Echague

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