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Introducing Split’s Free Feature Flag Edition

By: Trevor Stuart Company

Announcing Split’s free Feature Flag Edition, a new offering which allows product and engineering teams to integrate enterprise-grade feature flags and feature flag management into their software development cycle at zero cost. Feature flags separate code deploy from feature release, safely executing continuous delivery at scale. 2 min read

Split and GDPR Readiness

By: Trevor Stuart Company

At Split, we recognize the significance of the GDPR both to our customers and to the services we provide. Our customers expect to work with partners who commit to compliant data protection and information security standards when handling their data. For that reason, Split with support from EU external advisers, has been undertaking (and continues to undertake) a number of activities to ensure that it is GDPR-ready by May 2018 and beyond. 2 min read

Correlate Feature Releases with Product Metrics Using Controlled Rollouts

By: Trevor Stuart Industry Trends

For any company to be successful the entire team needs to work together and push towards a set of unified of goals, which often evolve into a series of vital business KPIs. For SaaS businesses, these goals may align with metrics like the number of logos, number of seats, account utilization, and total MRR. Marching towards these goals can be challenging when trying to understand how team and individual contributions impact movement in these key metrics. 1 min read