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Power Feature Flags In The Tools You Use Today

By: Pato Echague Features

Today, we are happy to announce that the Split API now spans the full surface area of Split product functionality, including full management of feature flags (i.e. “Splits”). Via the Split API, you can now write code to programmatically create, modify, kill, or delete a Split. Or, go even deeper, by automatically changing a roll-out… 4 min read

Slack Integration Enhancements to Split

By: Pato Echague Features

Building products and creating new features are a team sport. Split promotes collaboration through a wide set of integrations. With corporate chat rooms becoming a mainstay in more and more organizations, integrating with industry leading collaboration tools like Hipchat and Slack was a no brainer for us. We released the Split Slack integration in July. Since… 1 min read

Using Split for Quick and Easy Java Feature Flags

By: Pato Echague Features

For developers building on the Java stack, integrating with Split is easy. We created our SDK with two main goals: simplicity and performance: so much so that it takes only three steps to get up and running, and the overhead of using Split from within your Java code only adds a few microseconds of latency. 3 min read