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Measuring server-side changes, and why ‘hope is not a strategy’

By: Lenore Adam Code, Features

It’s easy to think of the user interface as the primary target for new functionality, with product teams eagerly watching important business metrics such as conversion rates and user engagement for improvements after each release. But behind the scenes, engineers are continually working on server-side innovations such as changes in machine-learning algorithms or performance enhancements… 5 min read

Split Announces Enhancements to Attribution and Exclusion Logic

By: Lenore Adam Features

We built Split’s feature experimentation platform with this fundamental assumption: the data you capture to measure and understand your customer experience is collected across many touch points, and any tool you use to release feature flags and measure impact must be able to capture data from all of them. 3 min read

Top 10 Challenges When Building a Feature Flagging Solution from the Ground Up

By: Lenore Adam Infra

Kicking off an internally developed feature flagging system is standard practice for many companies today as feature flags help engineering teams release faster at lower risk. As use cases for feature flags grow, so do the challenges of building an in-house system. This article will explore 10 challenges of building an in-house feature flagging solution. 6 min read

New Customer Story: Envoy

By: Lenore Adam Company

We are pleased to announce that Envoy has selected Split for advanced experimentation and feature flagging capabilities to measure feature impact against business metrics. 1 min read