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OODA Loops in Product Management

By: Adil Aijaz Industry Trends

Col. John Boyd came up with a theory of warfare called the OODA loop (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act). Companies compete through OODA loops in product. Instead of air-to-air combat, a company that is better at “rapidly delivering valuable software” has a better chance for overcoming competition. 1 min read

Managing Feature Flag Debt with Split

By: Adil Aijaz Code

Following up from the excellent post by Pete Hodgson on Retiring Your Flags, and his presentation at the Meetup we recently sponsored, I wanted to dive into how Split plays a role in managing your flag debt. Feature flags (aka toggles, flips, gates, or switches) are a software delivery concept that separates feature release from… 6 min read

Where to Put your Feature Flag?

By: Adil Aijaz Code

Feature flags are a necessary part of your Continuous Delivery (“CD”) pipeline. In fact, as your team grows, you can’t do CD without feature flags. This article provides best practices on when to use feature flags. 2 min read

Releasing with Feature Flags Instead of Feature Branches

By: Adil Aijaz Industry Trends

Feature branching relies heavily on a human process to validate releases, often causing backups that effect the rest of the business. These slowdowns can be avoided by using feature flags, allowing engineers to QA as they go, and QA teams to spend their time creating automation and verification software, rather than inspecting branches. 3 min read