Why Split?

Whether you're considering a controlled rollout platform or just starting out with feature flags, Split is the best choice for delivering features quickly while ensuring stability for your customers.

You’re shipping code fast, and often.

In the 90’s new software was shipped (in a box!) every year or two. Ten years ago it was two or three times a year, then quarterly. Then the cloud: monthly, daily, and now, as many times a day as it takes. Deploying that often can be messy, with the potential to impact your customers obvious. But when you Split your code, you regain control of that experience, never exposing a feature until it’s truly ready to go.

"I only roll forward."
Fernando, our Head of Automation

Developers have better things to do than roll back releases.

Mistakes happen, but your engineering team doesn’t have to drop everything to pull them out of production. When your features are behind a Split, anyone—PM’s, Support, or Engineering—can kill the feature in just a couple of clicks, turning it off for all your users and reverting to the safe state.

Close the loop on release updates.

Split integrates with the tools your team is already using, helping you to socialize the status of any feature release and quickly remediate issues when they do pop up. Connections with Slack and HipChat keep the whole team in the loop the instant a release changes. Our JIRA connection automatically creates and updates tickets as features are shipped to 100% of your users. Monitoring integrations with New Relic, Datadog and Rollbar make feature-induced failures clear. And our Segment integration brings data from Split into the BI or analytics platform of your choice.

Split was built for the entire team.


Split is a complete platform for controlled rollout, unlocking a way for engineers to commit code to the master branch early and often, without fear of negatively impacting the customer experience. It also gives teams an easier way to manage targeted features, so you can use customer criteria to deliver wholly new experiences to users of just a particular payment tier, account status or geographic region.

Product Managers

Gain unprecedented control over the feature rollout process, without needing to bother an engineer. Once a feature is controlled in Split, you can gain the power to craft its release plan, slowly rolling it out to customers, targeting it to VIP or beta users, or killing a feature that isn't quite working out. Better still, you can use our integration with Segment to correlate feature rollout with experience goals, or connect to JIRA to keep other teams in the loop on status.

QA and Support

Split lessens time-to-remediation. When a new feature launches but performance is less than ideal, Split gives teams an easy, quick and safe way to pause its rollout or kill the feature for all users. Once a new version is ready to go it can be introduced slowly, shielding the majority of your taffic from a potentially disappointing experience. Split can also be used to test features before they reach any customers, by whitelisting only internal employees to see the feature in the production envionment.

Build or buy?

Should you build an internal feature flagging platform or try Split? We've put together a guide to some of the common pitfalls of doing it yourself.

Download the Guide