We come from companies like Google, Yahoo!, LinkedIn, Salesforce, and Splunk, but we’ve each felt the pain of long release cycles: waiting for the support tickets to roll in to know if something failed, rolling back an entire deployment because of one bug, and not being able to test new features on a subset of users before they’re pushed to everyone. At previous companies we built some of the systems that solve these problems—now we’re bringing these capabilities to everyone with Split.

Our Values

We’re helping companies deliver the perfect experience to their customers, but we’re also building a company we’re proud to call our own. Our values keep us focused on the things that truly matter: every customer, every voice, every detail, every day.

Every Customer

Our customers are some of the most innovative companies in the world. Every action we take should make them even more successful.

Every Voice

Our deep respect for one another is clear in our words and our actions. We share new ideas, push each other's thinking, and treat feedback as a gift to and from the team.

Every Detail

We sweat the small stuff because our customers are counting on us every single time they push code. Every detail matters when you're holding the keys to the kingdom.

Every Day

We find joy in the journey (before and after coffee) and work hard to make every day count.

Join Us

Building the platform for controlled release takes people of all types, talents and backgrounds. If you’re interested in helping companies deliver better software to more people more often, we’re interested in you. Take a look at our open positions or just drop us a note at jobs@split.io.

Join Our Team