Our flags, your features.

Split is the platform for controlled rollouts: a switchboard for feature flags, targeted rollout plans and integrations with developer tools.

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Customer Targeting

Be extremely specific in selecting the customers to be included in a release by custom segments, real-time attributes, or percentage.

Granular Rollouts

Create focused on/off release plans or release multiple versions of the same feature all at once.


Integrate your favorite tools to maximize coordination within and between teams.

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Kill Switch

Disable problematic code while keeping the rest of the release intact.

"Split has enabled us to move much faster. We can ship code straight through to production knowing that our users won’t see it until we’re ready to show them."
Christopher Child, VP Product

How are people using Split?

Going beyond 'feature flags'.

Split turns feature flags into an entire controlled release platform: a central place where anyone can manage feature toggles for multiple languages, target users, monitor performance, and kill problem features.

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Testing mobile features.

Take a different path to feature flags, A/B testing and multivariate testing for mobile apps, utilizing the power of controlled release to deliver the latest and greatest to your customers without app store delays.

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Migrating to microservices.

Split was made to gradually introduce new technology to targeted groups of people—perfect for moving from a monolithic stack to a diverse group of microservices.

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Connect your entire team to the feature rollout process.

Setup is simple.

  1. Instantiate the SDK in your language.
  2. Wrap your feature in the Split feature flag.
  3. Create a rollout plan in the Split web console.
  4. Profit1

View the complete Getting Started Guide in Split's Documentation.

1. Split does not guarantee step 4, though we'll try really hard on your behalf.

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