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Developer Documentation

Guides to help you get the most out of Split. Detailed overviews outline key functionality for both the Split web console and SDKs.

API Documentation

Split’s Admin API uses resource-oriented URLs, uses status codes to indicate the success or failure of requests, and returns JSON from all requests.


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Split Overview

A quick one-page overview of everything Split. If you're brand-new to Split, start here.

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Best Practices

Split Best Practices

Accelerate success with Split by incorporating the following best practices when creating and managing rollout plans.

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Best Practices

Best Practices for Controlled Rollouts

When creating a new rollout plan keep in mind the following to ensure effective testing, faster deployment, and successful results.

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Best Practices

Choosing to Build or Buy

Important factors to consider in any controlled rollout solution, whether you decide to build it yourself or use an existing service.

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Getting Started

Using Split Feature Flags in Java

Our Java SDK has two main goals: simplicity and performance. It takes only three steps to get running, and adds only a few microseconds of latency.

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Best Practices

Best Practices for Mobile Feature Rollouts

Building a controlled rollout practice for mobile and web-mobile apps from the server side.

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Meet Split.

This quick five-minute introduction walks through the basics of Split, including feature setup and management, user targeting and segments, multivariate rollouts, killing a feature, and integrations with developer tools like Slack and Segment.

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The Latest from our Blog

Testing and Local Development Using Split's Off-the-Grid Mode

Patricio Echague, Co-Founder & CTO

This blog post will try to shine some light on the recently added support for local development as well as how to integrate Split into your continuous build and unit testing. We'll walk you through the creation of a demo app and how to run unit tests with Split by setting the expected behavior with a specific file in the path (we call it off-the-grid mode).

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