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How does Split help you clean up old feature flags?

Split's data sources and clean design help teams clean up code and eliminate the tech debt often associated with the use of feature flags.

The pervasive use of feature flags has been known to cause tech debt when flags remain attached to features that are old, unused, or have long since matured to 100% availability. Split solves and prevents these problems with an impressions datastream, a clean, easy-to-navigate UI, detailed audit logs, and integrations with the tools you're already using to plan projects and communicate.

Traffic Icons

Split uses traffic icons (left and right arrows) to show you whether or not a feature has seen traffic recently. A red icon means it's never received traffic, green means it's seen traffic recently, and yellow means it hasn't received traffic in the last seven days. If that's the case, your feature may be a candidate for cleanup.

Impressions Data

At the individual feature level, Split's impressions datastream shows you an anonymized readout of who's seeing your feature, and under what circumstances. This detailed information can give you further insight into whether or not it's safe to remove the flags or just leave the feature as-is.

Published June 1, 2017