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Can non-engineers use Split too?

Split was built from the ground up for the entire product-launch team, from engineering to QA to PM to marketing.

Non-engineers use Split every day to target features to customers, launch experiments, and kill problem features. Split is also a single source of information for the status of any feature release being controlled by Split, as users can watch it slowly roll out to customers.

We designed Split from day one to work for the entire team. While installing our SDKs and enabling Split's feature flags requires code check-in, nothing else in Split does. Many of our customers pass the feature rollout process on to product managers, marketers, or DevOps professionals who can target users and start rolling out features directly from Split's web console, without ever touching code. If you're doing in-house QA, Split lets you whitelist internal employees to help, and anyone with the permissions to control a feature can quickly log in and flip the kill switch if things go wrong: saving you time, your engineers the headache of rolling back code, and your customers a potentially-damaging experience.

Published June 1, 2017