Split's in-production at innovative companies large and small.

"Split plays a key role in Invoice2go's feature rollout process. By using their product for targeted rollouts, we have full control over any release and an increased confidence in our ability to easily scale over time. In addition, Split's collaborative nature and their focus on their customer's success have made working with them so easy and enjoyable." Krates Ng, Director of Engineering
"We're actually able to move faster with Split. In the past, there were a lot of questions like “how will we handle that rollout”, “if something goes wrong how do we roll it back”. With Split, it’s just, put it behind Split, and then it gives you this flexibility once it’s in production to make changes on the fly. If we want to roll something out to 100% of our customers, that change is almost instantaneous. If we want to roll back, same thing." Dan DeMeyere, VP of Engineering
"Split's controlled release capability provides us a non-disruptive and dynamic way to ship features for testing and deployment. More importantly, it provides the data we need to quickly iterate on our product features in an informed manner." Qingqing Ouyang, SVP Engineering
"Split has enabled us to move much faster. We can ship code straight through to production knowing that our users won’t see it until we’re ready to show them." Christopher Child, VP Product
"To balance rapid development with the high availability our customers demand, we needed total control over releasing new functionality. To build and maintain such a system would have taken extensive time and resources. With Split, we're getting the features we need today along with the help of a team of experts to support us as we continue to scale in the future." Chris Conrad, VP of Engineering
"Split is incredibly empowering for product managers. The web console consolidates and provides transparency into every release, while also enabling teams to make changes dynamically without relying on engineering. With Split, engineering and product teams can collaborate to more efficiently to create, manage, and complete rollouts that much faster." Bill Farrell, Director of Product