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"Split has enabled us to move much faster. We can ship code straight through to production knowing that our users won’t see it until we’re ready to show them." Christopher Child Project Manager Segment
"We don't like to spend time doing things that aren't our core competency. Why maintain a feature flagging system, build and maintain its UI, or monitor its performance? Split does what we need it to do, and any engineer in the company can use it."
Chris Conrad VP Engineering

Split is CTRL+Z for CI/CD, giving your team complete control to release or kill new features and new insight into user experience.

Split turns feature flags into an entire controlled rollout platform, so anyone on your team can manage feature release across multiple languages, target user segments, monitor performance, and instantly kill problem features to avoid rollbacks.

  • Manage features in multiple languages, including Java, Javascript, .Net, Node.js, Ruby, Rails, PHP and Python.
  • Slowly roll out features directly to targeted segments of users, like beta groups, employees, or a percentage of total.
  • Integrate Split release data with the tools you already use to gain new insights into release quality.

Full-stack feature rollout and targeting.

Easily create complicated release plans

Target your customers—whoever, wherever.

The Split editor lets you create feature releases that target users based on any attribute you care about. Start with a simple on/off or percentage-of-total rollout, then add user attributes stored in your database to hone in on the group of people you'd like to see your feature first. As the new feature proves successful, you can roll it out to a wider audience until it's fully ramped up.

Continuously deliver features, today.

With Split, anyone on your team can be a part of your continuous delivery pipeline. New rollout plans are created and managed in Split's web console, giving anyone point-and-click access to releasing a feature. Meanwhile, Split's language-specific SDKs live in your app, post deployment, to give your customers the newest experience as quickly as possible without ever needing to send user data to a third party.