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Split turns feature flags into an entire controlled release platform: a central place where anyone can manage feature toggles for multiple languages, target users, monitor performance, and kill problem features.

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Why Split? All of the power, none of the overhead.

Why do innovative companies Split their releases? Because Split provides a scalable, lightning-fast controlled release platform that doesn't require internal resources to run, so engineering teams can focus on what truly matters—your product.

"Split's controlled release capability provides us a non-disruptive and dynamic way to ship features for testing and deployment. More importantly, it provides the data we need to quickly iterate on our product features in an informed manner." Qingqing Ouyang, SVP Engineering

Dynamically control features for your users.

Switches, toggles, flags - whatever you call it, quietly deploying code to production while holding it from view until certain conditions are met is not only a useful tool - it’s the way software will be deployed in the future.

Split expands on this idea to create a complete platform for controlled release, combining essential feature-flag abilities with powerful user targeting and segmentation tools, all controlled by an easy-to-use web interface.

Made for everyone who cares about your product.

Split makes the release process accessible to everyone involved with the product - product managers, engineers, quality teams, and of course, DevOps.

By providing a simple web-based interface for feature management and release, Split gives your company the power to let engineering ship code whenever they want, product management to test features on small segments of users, account managers to offer early previews, and marketing to launch whenever the PR schedule demands.

Split supports the most popular platforms for SaaS products and enterprise apps.